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The book of Genesis by PRECIOUS S BADRAN

Title: The Divine Genesis: A Prequel Thesis on the Asexual Origins of Humanity - By Precious S. Badran Abstract: This thesis, authored by Precious S. Badran, delves into the alternative interpretation of the biblical narrative found in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1. It explores the notion of asexual beings as the original creation and their subsequent divergence from asexual existence. Additionally, this study incorporates the rise of homosexuality as an act that produced what is now known as heterosexuals. Furthermore, it explores the significance of the sun of God as a representation of everlasting life. By examining these elements, this thesis presents a new perspective on the nature and depiction of our creator. Introduction 1.1 Background and Rationale 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Methodology Asexual Beings in Genesis: An Alternative Interpretation 2.1 The Creation of Asexual Beings by the Lord 2.2 The Perfection of Asexuality 2.3 The Forbidden Intertwining and Defiance 2.4 The Rise of Homosexuality and the Emergence of Heterosexuals Asexual Origins and the Birth of Man 3.1 The Separation from Asexual Existence 3.2 The Creation of Man in the Womb of Man 3.3 The Introduction of Sexual Reproduction 3.4 The Actuality of the Truth: The Sun of God and Everlasting Life The Perfect Asexual Being and the True Nature of Our Creator 4.1 The Divine Connection: Asexual Beings and God 4.2 The Significance of the Sun of God 4.3 The Relationship Between Asexuality and Perfection 4.4 Perspectives on Our Creator: God or Lord Conclusion 5.1 Summary of Findings 5.2 Contributions and Significance 5.3 Limitations and Future Research By presenting the author's thesis on the asexual origins of humanity, the rise of homosexuality, and the significance of the sun of God, this study challenges traditional interpretations. It explores the interconnectedness of these elements and their implications for understanding the nature and depiction of our creator. Through this exploration, this thesis aims to contribute to the regenerative power of the sun of God, rather than the misinterpreted son of God, and presents a compelling case for the inherent perfection of asexual beings. This study emphasizes the need for critical analysis and reevaluation of biblical verses to uncover the truth and shed light on the misleading depictions that have emerged over time

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