Abused Of elderly 'Paid Accounts that are purposely Marked as accounts Not Received.

Accounts Not Received ? But Oh they were Received! Where IS THE MONEY?

Two days ago - the city forced a 76 elderly woman who is Easly to confused.

In the middle of a blizzard storm out into the streets just this week -they are a few elements in play here.

One the city of Milwaukee housing is mishandling the rent payments to draw to the conclusion.

that when rent is being paid some account go directly in to accounts not received and then send out the alert that the 

particular ternate has not submitted rent when it is the opposed.  and it is locked in as if you're in Noncompliance.

THE CITY Position. 

When I questioned the city Position whereabouts 76-year-old elderly woman goes by the name Dorothy? forced too slept in the lobby of the build for the last for 3 days where she lived in a unit 611 for the past 6-10 years surprisingly i was informed by the city of Milwaukee management team that Ms Dorothy was move into a new unit in a new building.  WOW -BS" I say not likely do the math fact is the last we saw of MS. Dorothy was when she was being Led out of the home, she had become familiar was being dragged out in handcuff -4 am of the lobby floor But once again the story is Why? did the city drag out Doroty in the streets? When was the elderly lady release from jail? where is Ms Dorothy? now why would the city place MS Dorothy in a new unit why? an evicted her in the same week? Is Ms Dorothy being abused by the city? YES" a person easily confused paying rent on time but the money is not being placed in the account paid. "RENTCAFE" And the CITY OF MILWAUKEE Misusages of Funds. Where Is the Money Going if not into account received? these are some questions that need to be answered by the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin HAMC?                                                                                                                           Human Interests NiceyNoItAllNews.