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Executive Summary: The Precious Badran Collaborative Model represents a visionary approach to education funding that revolutionizes the system, providing free education while fostering economic growth and collaboration between students and educational institutions. Leveraging AI technology and a profit-sharing agreement, this model establishes a self-sustaining ecosystem where both students and institutions thrive. As the original author and creator of this groundbreaking concept, Precious Badran seeks to present a compelling business proposition to secure government grants and realize the transformative potential of this educational funding model, benefiting not only individuals but the global world at large. Introduction: In today's interconnected world, the Precious Badran Collaborative Model transcends borders and aims to bring about positive change on a global scale. By offering free education and fostering collaboration, this model has the potential to uplift societies, nurture innovation, and contribute to a more prosperous and harmonious world. Business Model: a. Collaborative Invention: By allocating 75% of revenue from collaborative inventions to educational institutions, the Precious Badran Collaborative Model ensures they have the necessary resources to maintain high-quality education, promote research, and develop innovative solutions to global challenges. This fosters a culture of collaboration and empowers institutions to drive positive change. b. Invention Evaluation and Selection: The model's transparent evaluation process selects inventions based not only on their market potential but also on their potential to address global issues. This encourages students to channel their creativity towards solutions that have a broader impact, leading to breakthroughs in areas such as sustainability, healthcare, and technology. c. Intellectual Property Rights: The model's clear guidelines for intellectual property rights protection promote knowledge sharing and international collaboration. By safeguarding the rights of students and institutions, the model encourages the global exchange of ideas and inventions, accelerating progress across borders. Economic Impact: a. Global Workforce: The Precious Badran Collaborative Model nurtures a highly skilled global workforce, equipped with the knowledge and innovation necessary to tackle complex global challenges. This fosters economic growth, empowers individuals, and strengthens international competitiveness. b. Innovation and Sustainable Development: The collaborative nature of the model drives innovation, providing a fertile ground for transformative ideas that can address pressing global issues such as climate change, poverty, and healthcare access. This model supports sustainable development goals and fosters a collective effort towards a better future for all.

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